AIL Washington

Nicholas Lorence

AIL Regional General Agent - Redmond

About Nicholas Lorence

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Nicholas Lorence received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kent State University. Afterwards, he moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career, but it wasn’t long before friends recruited him to greener pastures at American Income Life (AIL).

In 2008, Lorence started his career with AIL, surrounded by mentors who constantly motivated him. After managing his own offices in Provo and Salt Lake City, his accomplishments as a Regional General Agent brought him to expand his organization into more territories and move to Washington State.

Lorence believes he is a better husband, friend, businessman and father because of his time with AIL. Despite significant personal success, he credits his biggest accomplishments to other people. Sharing Opportunity Unlimited with others and seeing their success is his favorite part of the business. They are providing for their families and making an excellent living while protecting working families throughout the country.

Moving forward, Lorence wants to develop more agents in his organization to managers and grow more territories on the West Coast.

Lorence currently lives in Kirkland with his wife Leah, and children Luciano and Francesca. He enjoys golfing, playing poker and watching the Cleveland Browns.

Josh Olin

AIL Regional General Agent - Vancouver

About Josh Olin

Hunter Houvener

AIL Regional General Agent - Seattle

About Hunter Houvener

Hunter Houvener began his career with American Income Life (AIL) in 2010, after he was personally recruited during his senior year at the University of Washington. While finishing his degree in Economics, Houvener started part-time, learning as much as he could from his mentors. Soon after, he was able to open his first office close to home in Lynnwood, WA.

Houvener quickly proved himself as a strong leader and moved for the opportunity to help lead the Knoxville office in Tennessee. In 2013, he was appointed to Regional General Agent, and ranked #2 Leader of the Year for AIL-Altig. He has since served on the AIL-Altig Board of Directors three times.

Guiding friends to personal and career success is Houvener’s driving force. In fact, he credits career longevity to the tight-knit family environment that AIL-Altig fosters.

Houvener recently moved back home, where he helps lead the Seattle office and plans to open more offices in the Northwest. He enjoys golfing and, like a true Seattleite, watching the Seahawks and Mariner’s games.

David Nham

AIL Regional General Agent - Tacoma

About David Nham

Originally from Hong Kong, David Nham moved to the United States with his family at a young age. Later, Nham received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in Computer Science from Macalester College in Minnesota.

After graduation, Nham worked as a chef and in bank management before seeking more growth in his career. In 2010, he joined American Income Life (AIL) in the former AIL-Altig Renton office. Within a year, he moved for the opportunity to Spokane, where he made an everyday goal to continually learn the foundation of the business, hold frequent career meetings, and build stronger relationships.

In 2015, Nham moved back east to help run the Tacoma office. He lead by example and was appointed to AIL-ALtig Board of Directors and recognized as AIL-Altig #3 Leader of the Year. He credits his success to effort, time and perseverance.

Moving forward, Nham wants to be appointed to Vice President of Sales and help other new leaders reach the AIL-Altig Board of Directors. Currently living in Tacoma, Nham enjoys traveling the country to spend time with family.

Jennifer Jantzen

AIL Regional General Agent - Tacoma

About Jennifer Jantzen

Jennifer Jantzen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Washington along with a minor in Business Administration. After finding success in the corporate world, Jantzen sought autonomy and more flexibility with her career.

In April of 2013, she joined American Income Life-Altig and developed her skills as a dedicated agent in the Renton office. Six months later, she moved to the Tacoma office, where she quickly emerged as a strong leader.

Through her passion of developing others, Jantzen earned her appointment to Master General Agent in October 2014. “A career with a purpose,” is how Jantzen describes the opportunity at AIL-Altig. Jantzen says building a strong organization starts with investing in hiring and developing strong leaders across the board.

AIL’s mission of opportunity unlimited has given Jantzen a schedule that allows her to spend quality time with her two children. She currently lives in Federal Way and looks forward to growing her team in the Tacoma region.

Elizabeth Chilson

AIL Regional General Agent - Tacoma

About Elizabeth Chilson

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Elizabeth Chilson has lived in Washington state since she was a teenager. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix and started her own business, a children’s boutique shop, before discovering the opportunity at American Income Life-Altig (AIL-Altig) at their Redmond office.

Looking for a career that gave her unlimited growth potential, Chilson responded to the results-oriented environment at AIL-Altig and was promoted to Master General Agent within one year. She was selected to become a leader of the Tacoma office, and became Regional General Agent in September of 2016.

Starting at AIL-Altig as a single parent, Chilson appreciated the flexibility the career offered and that it did not adhere to what she calls the “9-5 Mentality.” She loves that she is constantly challenged, and values the mentorship she received from manager Nick Lorence and others to help her grow not only in the business, but as a person.

Chilson is excited to personally develop leaders, starting a domino effect and keeping the chain of mentorship at AIL-Altig going strong. Her motivation comes from showing her daughter, Aubrey, that she is capable of anything that she works hard for.

Chilson currently resides in Tacoma with her fiancé and her daughter. She loves traveling both locally in the state of Washington and all across the country.

Levi Porto

AIL Regional General Agent - Tacoma

About Levi Porto

Levi Porto was born in Missoula, Montana and spent parts of his childhood in Washington, Arizona and Idaho. While attending North Idaho College, Porto was personally recruited by his former co-worker Brandon Minor to American Income Life-Altig (AIL-Altig). After working multiple jobs since he was a teenager, Porto jumped at the opportunity to focus on building a career and see his efforts pay off.

Starting at AIL-Altig at 19 years old with the Spokane office, Porto was quickly promoted to Supervising Agent two weeks after he was coded, promoted to Master General Agent seven months with the company, and moved to the Tacoma office. He was appointed to Regional General Agent one year later in September of 2016.

To Porto, AIL-Altig represents the opportunity to dictate his own success and move up in the company based on clearly defined accomplishments, which he believes most other companies cannot claim. He is personally invested in what AIL offers because just months before he started, his cousin passed away at the age of 29 and he saw what can happen when the family has to pay all the final expenses.

Moving forward, Porto is excited to mentor agents to managers themselves and build something from the ground up. The culture of family at AIL-Altig is extremely important to Porto, citing his co-workers as some of his closest friends in life.

Porto currently resides in Tacoma and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and traveling to the ocean in his free time.

Brandon Minor

AIL Regional General Agent, Spokane

About Brandon Minor

Brandon Minor is a California native who grew up in Santa Maria. A lifelong athlete, he received a full-ride scholarship to play basketball at Fresno State. An ankle injury led him to re-adjust his plans, and Minor relocated to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where he excelled as the Food and Beverage Director at the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest region.

After the birth of his son inspired him to seek more freedom and opportunity in his career, Minor joined American Income Life (AIL) in April of 2014. He quickly made a name for himself in the Spokane office, and within four months, he was appointed to Master General Agent. After running his own team for 9 months, Minor was appointed to Regional General Agent in June of 2015. In fact, it was his remarkable leadership and strong work ethic that propelled him to become the fastest person to be appointed to AIL-Altig’s Board of Directors.

After losing two close friends early in life, Minor deeply values the protection he offers families each day. With this career, not only can he protect families’ financial futures, but he is able to make the living he always wanted for his family. Moving forward, Minor wants to be appointed to Vice President of Sales and develop new leaders and territories in the surrounding area. Minor currently lives in Cour d’Alene with his son.

Steven Warner

AIL Regional General Agent, Spokane

About Steven Warner

Steven Warner was born and raised just outside of Seattle, Washington, before moving to the Spokane area to attend Eastern Washington University. Earning his degree in Exercise Science and Pre Physical Therapy, Warner was also a member of the Track and Field team for the Eastern Washington Eagles. A month after graduating, Steven was personally recruited to AIL-Altig by his college roommate while working at the Spokane Club.

Attracted by the financial freedom and the chance to develop skills as a leader that AIL-Altig presented, Steven was appointed to Master General Agent within one year in October 2015, and was appointed to Regional General Agent a year later in October 2016. Steven attributes his background as a collegiate athlete to his success at AIL-Altig, specifically the drive and the experience of setting goals and following a plan to achieve it.

Steven is motivated to give people the opportunity to create a better life, get to the position he has achieved and is constantly working to improve himself as a leader. Steven loves being a part of a community that he can call to get advice and appreciates the mentorship he has received and the relationships he has built.

He believes AIL-Altig has helped him grow not only professionally but personally. His advice to anyone starting at AIL-Altig is: “Go two feet in. I want anyone I come into contact with here to succeed, and the company will do whatever it can to help. But you have to commit.”

Steven currently resides in the Spokane/Cheney area and loves to spend as much time with his family as he can.